“Apple Slogans: From ‘Think Different’ to Today”

In the dynamic world of marketing and branding, the significance of Apple slogans has been nothing short of remarkable. These succinct yet impactful phrases have played a pivotal role in shaping Apple’s identity and influencing consumer perceptions.

From the iconic “Think Different” to the latest expressions, this blog post delves into the captivating journey of Apple slogans, unraveling their power to inspire innovation and establish a profound connection with audiences worldwide. Join us as we unravel the intriguing tale behind these compelling words that have left an indelible mark on both the tech industry and popular culture.

What Is Apple Slogan

The Apple slogan refers to the distinctive and memorable phrases used by Apple Inc. in its marketing campaigns to convey its brand message and values. These slogans encapsulate the company’s ethos, innovation, and unique selling points, often resonating with consumers and helping to establish a strong brand identity. Notable examples include “Think Different,” “Designed by Apple in California,” and “There’s an app for that.” Each of these slogans contributes to shaping the perception of Apple products and their impact on modern technology and culture.

What Is Apple Tagline

An Apple tagline is a succinct and memorable phrase that encapsulates the essence of a specific Apple product, service, or the company as a whole. Unlike a slogan, which is often broader and represents the overall brand identity, a tagline is typically associated with a particular product or campaign.

For instance, Apple’s tagline for the iPhone 6 was “Bigger than bigger,” emphasizing the larger screen size of the new model. Another example is the tagline for the iPhone X: “Say hello to the future,” highlighting the innovative features of the device.

Taglines are designed to capture attention, convey key features or benefits, and leave a lasting impression on consumers. They are an essential part of Apple’s marketing strategy, contributing to the company’s ability to communicate effectively and create anticipation around new products and updates.

Apple Slogan And Tagline History

1. “Byte into an Apple” (1977): This was one of Apple’s earliest taglines, referencing both the bite taken from the apple logo and the idea of “biting” into technology.

2. “The Computer for the Rest of Us” (1984): With the launch of the Macintosh, Apple aimed to make computing accessible to a wider audience, and this tagline reflected that mission.

3. “Think Different” (1997): This iconic slogan emphasized Apple’s unique and innovative approach to technology, celebrating those who dared to think outside the box.

4. “Switch” (2002): As part of an advertising campaign, this tagline encouraged users to switch from PCs to Macs, highlighting the benefits of Apple’s products.

5. “Life is easier on a Mac” (2002): Another tagline from the early 2000s focused on the simplicity and user-friendly nature of Apple computers.

6. “Get a Mac” (2006): This tagline was central to a series of humorous commercials featuring personified Mac and PC characters, highlighting the advantages of Mac computers over PCs.

7. “There’s an app for that” (2009): With the rise of the App Store, this tagline emphasized the vast array of applications available for Apple’s iOS devices.

8. “Designed by Apple in California” (2013): This simple yet powerful tagline underscored Apple’s commitment to design and innovation, showcasing its pride in creating products within the United States.

9. “Shot on iPhone” (2015): Apple showcased the photographic capabilities of its iPhones by featuring user-generated photos and videos in various campaigns.

10. “Welcome Home” (2018): For the launch of the HomePod, this tagline highlighted the device’s role in creating a welcoming and immersive home environment.

11. “Think different” (Revived in 2021): Apple brought back its iconic “Think Different” slogan in a campaign celebrating the creators, dreamers, and innovators who have changed the world.

Apple iPhone slogans

Apple iPhone slogans
  1. iPhone (Original): “Apple reinvents the phone.”
  2. iPhone 3G: “The first phone to beat the iPhone.”
  3. iPhone 3GS: “The fastest, most powerful iPhone yet.”
  4. iPhone 4: “This changes everything. Again.”
  5. iPhone 4S: “The most amazing iPhone yet.”
  6. iPhone 5: “The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone.”
  7. iPhone 5s: “Forward thinking.”
  8. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: “Bigger than bigger.”
  9. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus: “The only thing that’s changed is everything.”
  10. iPhone SE (1st generation): “A big step for small.”
  11. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: “This is 7.”
  12. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus: “A new generation of iPhone.”
  13. iPhone X: “Say hello to the future.”
  14. iPhone XR: “Brilliant. In every way.”
  15. iPhone XS and XS Max: “Welcome to the big screens.”
  16. iPhone 11: “Just the right amount of everything.”
  17. iPhone SE (2nd generation): “Lots to love. Less to spend.”
  18. iPhone 12 and 12 Pro: “Blast past fast.”
  19. iPhone 12 mini and 12 Pro Max: “It’s a big deal.”
  20. iPhone 13 and 13 Pro: “Your new superpower.”
  21. iPhone 13 mini and 13 Pro Max: “Huge in leaps. Mini in size.”

Apple MacBook slogans

  1. MacBook (Original): “The new notebook reinvented for the wireless world.”
  2. MacBook Air (1st generation): “The world’s thinnest notebook.”
  3. MacBook Pro (Original): “The most powerful Mac ever.”
  4. MacBook Air (2nd generation): “Thinnovation.”
  5. MacBook Pro (Retina Display): “The ultimate pro notebook. Even more pro.”
  6. MacBook Air (3rd generation): “The notebook people love.”
  7. MacBook (2015): “Light. Years ahead.”
  8. MacBook Pro (2016): “A touch of genius.”
  9. MacBook Air (2018): “Lightness strikes again.”
  10. MacBook Pro (2019): “The best for the brightest.”
  11. MacBook Air (2020): “The power of Air.”
  12. MacBook Pro (2020): “More power. More pro.”
  13. MacBook Air (2022, M2): “Thin, light, and powerful like never before.”

iPod slogans

  1. iPod (Original): “1,000 songs in your pocket.”
  2. iPod Shuffle: “Put some music on.”
  3. iPod Nano (1st generation): “A little music. A lot of fun.”
  4. iPod Nano (2nd generation): “A little video for everyone.”
  5. iPod Nano (3rd generation): “Video your life. All in one place.”
  6. iPod Classic (6th generation): “Let’s rock.”
  7. iPod Touch (1st generation): “The funnest iPod ever.”
  8. iPod Shuffle (2nd generation): “Put a song on.”
  9. iPod Nano (4th generation): “Nano-chromatic.”
  10. iPod Touch (2nd generation): “The funnest iPod ever. Again.”
  11. iPod Nano (5th generation): “Packed with entertainment.”
  12. iPod Touch (3rd generation): “Funner than ever.”
  13. iPod Touch (4th generation): “Engineered for maximum funness.”
  14. iPod Touch (5th generation): “Engineered for maximum funness.”
  15. iPod Nano (6th generation): “Small, but big on music.”
  16. iPod Touch (6th generation): “The music you love. On the go.”
  17. iPod Touch (7th generation): “More power to play.”

Apple iTunes slogans

  1. iTunes (Original): “Rip. Mix. Burn.”
  2. iTunes 4: “A beauty to behold.”
  3. iTunes 5: “The world’s best digital music jukebox.”
  4. iTunes 6: “Your music library. With you everywhere you go.”
  5. iTunes 7: “The best keeps getting better.”
  6. iTunes 8: “All together now.”
  7. iTunes 9: “Organize and play everything on your Mac or PC.”
  8. iTunes 10: “Ping. It’s a social thing.”
  9. iTunes 11: “All-new design. Same unshakeable mission.”
  10. iTunes 12: “For music, movies, and more.”
  11. iTunes 12.7: “The new home for your music, movies, and TV shows.”

iPad slogans

  1. iPad (Original): “Our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device.”
  2. iPad 2: “Thinner. Lighter. Faster. FaceTime.”
  3. iPad (3rd generation): “Resolutionary.”
  4. iPad (4th generation): “With the A6X chip, it’s the mother of all iPad.”
  5. iPad Air: “The power of lightness.”
  6. iPad mini: “Every inch an iPad.”
  7. iPad Air 2: “Change is in the air.”
  8. iPad mini 3: “Unlock. From anywhere.”
  9. iPad Pro (1st generation): “A new way to go pro.”
  10. iPad mini 4: “Mini just got mightier.”
  11. iPad Pro (2nd generation): “It’s all new, all screen, and all powerful.”
  12. iPad (6th generation): “Like a computer. Unlike any computer.”
  13. iPad Pro (3rd generation): “All new. All screen. All powerful.”
  14. iPad Air (3rd generation): “Power isn’t just for the pros.”
  15. iPad (7th generation): “Like a computer. Unlike any computer.”
  16. iPad Pro (4th generation): “Your next computer is not a computer.”
  17. iPad Air (4th generation): “Now in Air.”
  18. iPad (8th generation): “Delightfully capable. Surprisingly affordable.”

Apple TV

Apple TV

Apple TV, Apple’s digital media player and streaming device, has also been accompanied by a series of slogans that highlight its entertainment capabilities and features. Here are some notable Apple TV slogans:

  1. Apple TV (1st generation): “The future of television. In HD.”
  2. Apple TV (2nd generation): “The simplest way to watch your favorite HD movies and TV shows on your HD TV.”
  3. Apple TV (3rd generation): “Revolutionizing your HD TV. One rental at a time.”
  4. Apple TV (4th generation): “The future of television is apps.”
  5. Apple TV 4K (5th generation): “The future of television is here.”
  6. Apple TV 4K (2021): “The new Apple TV 4K. The best for the best.”

These slogans emphasize Apple TV’s evolution from delivering HD content to becoming a platform for apps and interactive entertainment, culminating in the introduction of 4K resolution capabilities. They highlight the device’s role in transforming how we consume and interact with digital media on our TVs.


In conclusion, the journey through Apple’s slogans unveils a captivating narrative of innovation, identity, and cultural impact. From the early days of “Think Different,” which celebrated the power of individuality, to modern expressions like “Your new superpower” that embrace the technological prowess of today’s devices, Apple’s slogans have been a powerful conduit for conveying its core values and aspirations.

These succinct yet impactful phrases have not only served as marketing tools but have also resonated deeply with consumers, leaving an indelible mark on the way we perceive technology and connectivity. The evolution of Apple slogans mirrors the evolution of the company itself, adapting to changing times, technologies, and societal shifts while remaining true to its commitment to excellence, design, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

As we reflect on the ever-evolving landscape of Apple’s slogans, we recognize their role in not just promoting products, but in shaping a cultural narrative that celebrates innovation, creativity, and the pursuit of a better, more connected world. The legacy of Apple’s slogans continues to inspire and influence, reminding us that behind each device and phrase lies a story of imagination, aspiration, and the enduring quest to make a difference in the world of technology and beyond.


There are some FAQs about apple slogans

What are Apple slogans?

Apple slogans are short, memorable phrases used in marketing campaigns to convey the brand’s identity, values, and product attributes.

Why are Apple slogans important?

Slogans help create a lasting impression, communicate a brand’s essence, and influence consumer perceptions about Apple’s products and innovation.

Which is the most famous Apple slogan?

“Think Different” is widely regarded as one of Apple’s most iconic and memorable slogans, encapsulating its innovative and unique approach.

How have Apple slogans evolved over the years?

Apple slogans have evolved to reflect changing technologies and consumer expectations, transitioning from product-focused messages to broader brand ideals.

What impact do Apple slogans have on consumer behavior?

Apple slogans play a role in shaping consumer attitudes and purchase decisions, as they convey Apple’s commitment to innovation, quality, and user experience.

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