Mountain Dew Slogans: Cracking the Code of Success

Welcome to a sparkling exploration of one of the most exhilarating aspects of Mountain Dew – its slogans! In this blog post, we’ll dive into the history, creativity, and impact of Mountain Dew slogans.

Whether you’re a dew-devotee or a marketing enthusiast, you’ll find this journey through the world of Mountain Dew slogans both refreshing and insightful.

So, let’s raise a can and start our exhilarating trek through the world of “Mountain Dew Slogans.”

Mountain Dew

Introduction to Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is an iconic and widely recognized beverage brand that has carved its niche in the soft drink industry over the past few decades. With its distinct flavor and bold marketing campaigns, Mountain Dew has become a beloved and enduring part of American pop culture. In this introduction, we will explore the origins, evolution, and cultural impact of Mountain Dew, delving into the brand’s journey from a regional favorite to a global phenomenon.

The Birth of Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew’s roots can be traced back to the 1940s when two beverage bottlers, Barney and Ally Hartman, developed a lemon-lime flavored soda in Marion, Virginia. Initially, this citrusy concoction was created as a mixer for whiskey, known as “Personal Setup.” However, its unique taste soon garnered a following, prompting the Hartmans to officially brand it as “Mountain Dew” in the 1950s. The name itself was a reference to the colloquial term for homemade moonshine, adding an Appalachian touch to the drink’s identity.

Evolution of the Dew

Evolution of the Dew

Throughout the years, Mountain Dew underwent significant transformations in its flavor profile and marketing strategies. In the 1960s, the brand introduced the now-iconic green bottle and transitioned to a citrus-focused flavor. In the 1970s, Mountain Dew started gaining recognition beyond its Appalachian origins as it expanded its distribution across the United States.

One pivotal moment came in the 1990s with the introduction of “Extreme Mountain Dew,” which targeted a younger demographic with high-energy advertising campaigns featuring extreme sports and adrenaline-pumping stunts. This era cemented Mountain Dew’s reputation as a daring and rebellious brand, capturing the imaginations of youth culture.

Cultural Impact and Brand Loyalty

Mountain Dew’s influence extends well beyond its taste. The brand has become synonymous with adventure, thrill-seeking, and a rebellious spirit. Its vibrant and often controversial marketing campaigns have made it a cultural touchstone, inspiring fan loyalty that goes beyond just a preference for a soft drink. Mountain Dew has spawned countless variations and limited-edition flavors, further fueling its dedicated fan base.

In recent years, Mountain Dew has continued to evolve, experimenting with new flavors, sugar-free options, and partnerships with popular video games and esports. This adaptability has allowed it to remain relevant in a rapidly changing beverage market.

What is Mountain Dew Slogan?

The slogan “Do the Dew” succinctly represents Mountain Dew as a brand associated with action, vitality, and a youthful, adventurous spirit. It encapsulates the idea that choosing Mountain Dew is not just about drinking a beverage but embracing an active lifestyle filled with excitement and energy. This catchphrase has been a central part of the company’s marketing efforts, resonating with consumers who seek adventure and enjoy high-energy activities, making it a fitting representation of the Mountain Dew brand.

Mountain Dew Slogan History

  • “Yahoo Mountain Dew… It’ll tickle yore innards!” (Late 1950s – 1964): This was one of Mountain Dew’s earliest slogans, emphasizing the soda’s refreshing and unique taste.
  • “Get that barefoot feeling drinking Mountain Dew.” (1964 – 1969): This slogan played up the idea of relaxation and enjoying Mountain Dew in a carefree manner.
  • “Put a Little Yahoo in Your Life.” (1969 – 1995): This slogan aimed to convey the idea that Mountain Dew adds excitement and enthusiasm to life.
  • “Do the Dew.” (1995 – Present): This iconic and long-running slogan emphasizes action, energy, and a sense of doing something adventurous. It aligns with Mountain Dew’s association with extreme sports and high-energy activities.
  • “Do the Dew, and Let It Be.” (2000s): This variation of the “Do the Dew” slogan added a sense of freedom and individuality to the brand’s image.
  • “It’s Different on the Mountain.” (2003 – 2005): This slogan highlighted the unique taste of Mountain Dew and the idea that it offers a distinct experience.
  • “DEWmocracy” (2007 – 2008): This campaign encouraged consumers to get involved in creating new flavors and selecting the next Mountain Dew product.
  • “This Is How We DEW” (2017 – Present): This slogan focuses on celebrating individuality and the various ways people enjoy Mountain Dew.


As we conclude our exhilarating journey through the world of “Mountain Dew Slogans,” one thing is crystal clear: these catchphrases aren’t just words; they’re a way of life for Dew enthusiasts.

From the early days of “Yahoo Mountain Dew” to the iconic “Do the Dew,” these slogans have carved their place in the hearts of fans. They represent more than just a beverage; they embody the spirit of adventure and excitement.

So, the next time you crack open a Dew, remember the slogans that have made it more than just a drink – they’ve made it an experience worth savoring. Cheers to the Dew and its unforgettable slogans!


What is the flavor of Mountain Dew?

Mountain Dew has a citrus flavor with a combination of lemon-lime and orange notes, giving it a distinct and refreshing taste.

Is Mountain Dew highly caffeinated?

Yes, Mountain Dew is known for its higher caffeine content compared to many other soft drinks. A typical 12-ounce (355 ml) can of Mountain Dew contains about 54 milligrams of caffeine.

Are there sugar-free or diet versions of Mountain Dew available?

Yes, Mountain Dew offers diet and sugar-free versions of their soda, such as “Diet Mountain Dew” and “Mountain Dew Zero Sugar,” which provide a low-calorie and sugar-free alternative.

Does Mountain Dew have any limited-edition or special flavors?

Yes, Mountain Dew frequently releases limited-edition and special flavors, often in collaboration with popular brands or as seasonal offerings. Examples include Mountain Dew Game Fuel varieties and regional flavors like Baja Blast.

What is the history of Mountain Dew’s iconic “Do the Dew” slogan?

The “Do the Dew” slogan was introduced in 1995 and has since become synonymous with the brand. It was created to convey a sense of action, excitement, and adventure, aligning Mountain Dew with extreme sports and high-energy activities.

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